When Brian and Nicole Durbin land on the lush, mountainous island of St. Vincent with their two young children, they’re about to embark upon their dream of owning and operating a remote beachfront island resort. Their new home has the appearance of ultimate paradise, but they soon find themselves strapped onto an emotional rollercoaster of extremes that will thrill and terrorize and climb for the stars and plunge into the depths of despair with no opportunity to get off until the very halting, unexpected end.

Ride the rollercoaster alongside the Durbins. Learn how they negotiated the purchase of a multi-million dollar resort with few monetary assets. Find out exactly what operating an off-the-grid resort reachable only by boat entails. Meet the local people. Climb the terrain. Dive the waters. Drive the boats. Work. Cook. Serve. Solve problem after problem. Except one. See how little control you may have over your destiny when living in a foreign country.