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Have you ever, in the dead of winter, on a day when everything goes wrong, fantasized about running off to the tropics?

You imagine what your life could be. Swimming everyday in a warm sea, sleeping in a hammock strung between two palms, maybe you’ll finally become an artist, or open a beachside burger stand.

But then your children flash into your mind, bringing you back to reality. How would they turn out, growing up so removed from the modern world?

Well, it’s true. They could start acting uncivilized.


I’ve been deliberating over which excerpt to post from the book. Deciding on just the right peek into our life at Petit Byahaut has been challenging.

But I think I’ve chosen. For now, I won’t divulge all the details about when Brian almost sunk the big wooden pirogue full of elderly guests, or the time a group of nudists showed up–half of them experienced and half inexperienced, or the splendidly fabulous evening sharing wine and savoring intelligent conversation with a famous Californian winemaker and his friends.

Instead, you’ll find one moment in one average day at Petit Byahaut. Most days we went through the motions of what needed to be done, only to find the rollercoaster taking a sudden unexpected turn.

 Read the Excerpt.

This island dream has filled my thoughts for embarrassingly too many years. 

The funny thing is, once we got to our dream island, I began to conjure up all sorts of new dreams. Ideas that could be combined with our life on the island and ideas that were separate. 

Those ideas are still floating around my head but the past several years I’ve been focusing on writing this book. One thing at a time… 

I’ll post an excerpt from the book soon, and more photos of our life on the island, so keep checking back. And thanks for reading.

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