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“Where’s all the guava cheese?” Brian asked.

I awoke with a start. “You guys ate all the guava cheese?”

“I… I… I didn’t mean to. I don’t know what happened. I was just watching the movie,” Remy said.

“It’s gone! That was supposed to last for days. That’s all we had. Do you remember how hard it was to find guavas?” I said.

“Ohhh,” Brian moaned. “I only had two pieces.”

The days passed and toward the end of the trip, we drove all the way around the island to the west side to explore Waimea Canyon and Koke’e State Parks. As we neared the canyon, Remy said, “We just passed a guava tree.”

Brian made a U-turn and pulled over, and there alongside us, was a tree loaded with ripe guavas. We admired the sight for a moment, and then rushed to it.

Harvesting fruit as quickly as we could, we laughed and applauded Remy for her keen eye.

Afterward, we gazed into Waimea Canyon. It was spectacular.

Simon and I hiked through fog and misty rain and snuck views into the Kalaulau Valley when the clouds parted. It was something to be experienced.

“Does anyone want to check out any other parts of the park before heading out?” I asked.

“Can we go back and pick some more guavas?” Simon said.

That night, we made a massive batch of guava cheese. Not only did Remy redeem herself, she was our hero. We even had enough to bring some home.

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