The little dot on the map right next to 1-90 that read “ghost town” intrigued me. We exited and crossed under the freeway and drove until we found this sign. 

Ten miles feels never ending on a single lane dirt road in poor condition. The further we went, the steeper the road became and when the shoulder disappeared and the road clung to a cliffside, the children became worried. It reminded me of when we first moved to Colorado when I was a kid and we’d explore 4-wheel drive mountain roads in our Jeep Wagoneer and Mom would sometimes get out and walk when the road felt a bit too perilous.

We met not a single car on the drive so when we arrived in Garnet and found a full parking lot, it made no sense. Until we figured out a wedding was about to happen at the ghost town.

The town is fantastically preserved.

Remnants of layers of wallpaper remain intact.

Shoes are displayed in the mercantile.

Beware of the hole in the floor behind the counter.

Rooms in the hotel.

Is it just me or do these images have a ghostly quality to them?

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