After an amazing stay at Miraflor, we were ready for a shower and a flushing toilet.

It took most of the day to get there, but as soon as we stepped into the courtyard of Casa San Francisco in Granada, we knew we’d be able to relax and renew ourselves.

We met “Baby Bird” and “Chips”,

and cooled off in the pool,

and fell in love with the architecture.

The next morning, this was breakfast:

Can you tell how much Remy loves fruit? The orange juice was fresh squeezed, the coffee was rich, dark Nicaraguan coffee. Casa San Francisco cooks up familar foods, like eggs and toast, and beautiful fruit plates, and french toast, but adds their unique Nicaraguan touch. After finding my bliss in the back country, my family found theirs here. 

 Travel, eat, and check out wanderfood wednesday!

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