Becoming a blogger is no easy task. Maybe it is for some talkative types, but not for me. I’m a private kind of person. Except when it comes to A Dream Made Truth and St. Vincent and Petit Byahaut. I could go on and on forever about that subject. It was the reason for starting this whole website/blog.

Then I realized the other day, in a sudden panic, that if every blog entry is about our life at Petit Byahaut, eventually, someday far down the road, I’ll have told the whole story. And then what would be the point of publishing a book about it? Were those four years I just spent trying to figure out how to write and publish a book and even producing first draft all for nothing?

So I’ve sat in front of my computer in the early morning hours before the kids are awake every day of this past week, struggling to figure out what my next blog posting should be.

Brian came home early enough to make dinner the other night when he realized how tormented I’ve been. When the kids asked if they could watch a movie, I said YES, and then he poured both of us a glass of wine and while he cooked a fabulous dinner with both a vegetarian pasta and a meat-eaters pasta to satisfy every appetite in the house, I spurted out all of my torment, the millions of ideas swirling through my head, my struggle of choosing which of the top two dreams on my list should be made into the next truth, and how much does a private person put out there for the world to criticize or snub or laugh over?

“Wow, Nic. You’ve got a lot going on in your head,” Brian said. “Write about all of those ideas.”

But do I just throw something out? Where do I start? Does anyone care?

Two more days have passed, me in front of the computer, researching interests and blogs and my dreams, and this morning… I started writing. And I’m posting it. It’s not easy being a blogger.  

Tomorrow? A place special to Brian and I—a place that fueled our desire to make our dream happen. So thankful for Brian.